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Gustoboard is a copyright management and trading platform powered by blockchain technology. We aim to activate and maximize the value of the silent copyrights, and return it back to the creators, distributers and users, in order to create a more active and efficient market for entertainment industry.



High-quality music copyright assets continually create stable but dispersive return over its long life cycle. The creators and copyright owners demand an efficient monetization channel.

Low liquidity

A large amount of copyrights has become “silent assets” due to the low opportunities to public exposure.

High cost

Verification of copyright ownership is a long and complicated process which lead to high level of searching and negotiation cost.

Low efficiency

Traditional marketing has been inefficient and its performance is hard to measure.



Gustoboard is a copyright trading platform empowered by blockchain technology. Based on the risk-return characteristics of copyrights, Gustoboard copyright owners are able to issue “Gusto Pack” which is a brand new method to monetizing the copyrights.

Gusto Agent

Our digital copyright management platform – Gusto Agent – improve the liquidity of the copyright trading market through a smart contract mechanism. It enabling the users easily verifying copyright ownership, simplifying search and improving the negotiation process.

Gusto Data Wallet

Our entertainment data trading platform – Gusto Data Wallet – integrate market participants with interests. The advertisers will be able to track their target users more precisely which benefit the users- data owners exercising the data more efficiently.


Copyright Securitization

In 1997, David Bowie issued the remarkable bond in the entertainment history. “Bowie Bonds” collateralized by the income right of his 25 albums. Through Gustoboard, the copyright owners are benefit from evaluating, splitting and packing their copyrights in an easy way. It improves the process of collecting future cash flows without experiencing the risk of losing their ownership. The new platform utilizes emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to optimize the issuance process and lower the entry barrier for users and investors. Compared with the traditional financing vehicles, Gustoboard allows users to share the incomes generated from copyrights, provide issuers with lower issuance cost and shorter issuance cycle with higher asset turnover.

Copyright Management

Copyright owners can easily realize several functions on the platform which such as registering their ownership, setting terms which consists price, authorization period, payment cycle, etc. Copyright users, for example, a movie producer, is looking for a particular song as background music for his next movie. It could be easily reached on Gusto by smart contract mechanism to efficiently close the deal in a simple process. The royalties and authorization fees will be automatically distributed to the copyright owners when the contract is signed.

Data Transaction

Without jeopardizing the users’ privacy, Gustoboard collaborates with various entertainment platforms to collect user data, and builds a decentralized data-trading platform for the users to monetize their own data. Via purchasing related data, artists and publishers can easily reach their target users precisely so as to improve their marketing efficiency.


Push Advertising
Push Advertising
A luxury brand intends to promote a new product line in collaboration with a popular singer. They require to push advertisements precisely to the target individual. Gusto therefore offers data on purchasing records of the singer’s past ten concerts.
Distribute Benefits
Distribute Benefits
A singer wants to distribute gifts to his/her loyal fans. Gusto provides a list of top 100 highest spending fans on album purchasing.
Select Music
Select Music
A film director wants to choose the most popular music from a mainstream repertoire as the theme of a romantic movie . Gusto can help identify the music most frequently played music by American young adults in the past five years.